Kristal - BC
Kristal Thomas before BC (two years ago)

By Shaniyah Murphy and Ariauna Robinson

BC, also known as the Winter Dance, is  the dance that is on February, 11th 2017. People should go to BC to have fun.

On February 11th, people who go to the  Bachelor Capture will have a good time because they get to dance and have fun with their friends. Some girls might wear the same dress as others (there is going to be drama!), and some might not wear the same dress as others (some people might have unique style).

Although people might have fun, it will be kinda weird that the girls had to ask the boys to BC because the girls are used to the boys asking them. Some girls might be scared and too shy to ask a boy to the dance because they never did it before. And what if the boy say’s no to the girl? Then the girl is going to be sad because she got rejected. Some girls might not be scared because they might have asked a boy to BC before. Yet freshmen girls are really nervous about asking boys to the Bachelor Capture dance because it is their first time asking. Even I am nervous about asking a boy to BC!

People should go to the dance and have fun with their friends and show off their fashion and their moves.


(Also known as B.C., Gala, Spree and Winterdance)

Ladies, our winterdance is coming up. What’s gonna be the new trend or fashion statement this year? Are we going to see girls walking through the door in long dresses, short dresses,two piece dresses, skinny dress, or are we going to see girls in the same dress? Well, if we see girls in the same dress who wore it better? I guess we’re gonna have to wait until the dance (February 11th, 2017) to see who has the best dress or who wore it better. Look out ladies; the war of the dresses is on.

Here is some information about BC. This is the dance that is in between homecoming and prom, and it’s like the prom for freshmen and sophomores since they can’t go to prom.  BC is also the dance where the girls ask the guys. Some of the girls are rejected and that breaks females’ hearts. So, fellas, say “yes” even if you don’t want to, because it’s the right thing to do and because you’re going to be mad if the girl that you wanted to ask goes with somebody else. Most of the girls are scared to ask a guy out, but most of the time the guys say yes, because they don’t wanna hurt the girl’s feelings.

Girls that have talked about their dresses have sounded like all their dresses are different, but from scrolling through Facebook, it looks like some are similar.  I’ve seen and heard a lot about poofy, two piece dresses. But you never know what you’re gonna see until we get to the dance. I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see what kinds of dresses we see at B.C. on Saturday.

Over all, I hope every girl and guy that goes to B.C. has a wonderful time!


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