Fashion Watch!

By Kristal Thomas

Need some advice on fashion? Well, Kristal knows how to create some great outfits.  Here is just one of them:

Early Spring Styles

What is she wearing? And how did she choose this outfit?

Scarf: Big, and bold. It makes the outfit stand out that’s why I decided to wear it with this particular outfit. The color of my shirt is also in my scarf, so they go together well. 

Shirt: It’s a long sleeve flowy shirt with a hood. Really loose and comfortable. Plus the color pops (and this is just happens to be my favorite shirt).

Jeans: Skinny leg jeans are always in style, these are a light wash jean. With the light color of my shirt, I thought light jeans and a light shirt would go perfectly together; bright colors for spring.

Madden girl boot/heels: Just a casual kind of boot, that always looks nice. They are suede material and really cute. The color sort of blends in with the light colors I have on, and all the colors in my outfit are in my scarf. 

Makeup: I decided to do a neutral look with a pop of matte lipstick. The color of my lipstick goes with the maroonish color in my scarf. And my highlighter makes my skin glow.

Accessories: The gold watch and the gold necklace just makes the outfit pop with a little brightness, and it just completes the outfit all together. Jewelry is always in style, so I couldn’t go wrong. 

Want more fashion advice? Want more detailed outfit ideas? Follow Kristal here on the North Wildcat Word.


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