Organ Donor Awareness Night

By Sydney Pollimier

On January 24th, 2017, the student section wore green for Organ Donor Awareness during the Davenport North v. Bettendorf girls’ game.

They did a couple different things during the game besides just wearing green, such as a bake sale and face painting for the awareness movement (the National Honor Society was in charge of the bake sale).  The student section usually has a theme every game, but this game they wore green to support this important movement and to symbolize growth.  

The girls basketball team did beat Bettendorf 64-57!! Paige Bradford had 28 points following Jacionna Stowers had 24!

The point to being an Organ Donor is to save lives! Just one Organ Donor can save up to 8 lives!! Currently there are about 123,000 people waiting for a donation! Davenport North was very generous for doing all of these activities for the Organ Donor awareness. We also got a Wildcat win! In all, a great night. 


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