Clothes Comments from Kristal

By Kristal Thomas

Kristal Blog 2
One of my favorite outfits

You may have noticed that the weather is changing… Well, so are the clothes. As it gets towards the end of winter moving onto spring , you notice that the fashion starts changing.  Let me show you one of my favorite spring outfits.

Here in this picture I am wearing a thermal, long sleeve pink dress, with black leg warmers and high brown boots. I chose to collaborate these pieces of clothing together because the colors are neutral, and they all blend together in someway (black, brown, and pink). Plus, the leg warmers give my look a pop of contrast. I also have on a rose gold necklace which goes with my pink dress pulling the outfit altogether.

In the spring, girls start dressing casually, but cute and warm at the same time because it’s not summer yet and it isn’t winter still. This outfit would be perfect on a nice day with the sun out and the cold wind blowing.

My hair is just a simple look, parted down the middle which is mostly trending now; you usually see girls wearing it nowadays. I have twists on the side of my head to pull my hair away from my face.

Curious to know how the teachers feel about the weather changing? Wait til next time. 


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