Show Choir Performances

Youtube Video Show Choir
Screen shot taken of the youtube video (see link below)

Once again, North’s show choir groups have won awards.  The two groups are called Centerstage and Northside Establishment.  Centerstage is our prep group which means that they are the groups that most people go into the first time auditioning, but that’s if you make it into show choir.  To be in Northside, you have to audition and catch the eye of the director (kind of like a Varsity team). Both groups are hard to be in because you have to put a lot of time and effort into being in a show choir group.

Over the past few years, Northside Establishment has wracked up the awards.  This season, they didn’t win as many full show performances, but Melanie Anderson showed up the competition with five straight “Best Female Soloist” awards.

The group Centerstage is the school’s prep group. They are very good, but they don’t get a lot of credit because they are stuck in Northside’s shadow. Each year they have a different theme of music; this year the theme is ‘water,’ which includes songs like “Cry Me a River,” “Rolling in the Deep,” “Rolling on the River.” Centerstage has more girls than boys, but the few men on stage worked very hard and they accomplish many things.  More males should try out because it’s really fun and you make a lot of friends, and you get to go out of town all the time.

Auditions for next year were held on April 5, 2017.  We can’t wait to see next year’s show.

Watch the Northside Establishment:


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