Predicting the NBA Finals: Back to Back to Back?

Picture Taken from Wikipedia

By Cooper Keimig

With the end of the NBA season fast approaching, we are now more than halfway through the season. As expected, the Cavaliers rule the Eastern Conference, and you guessed it, the Warriors are dominating the Western Conference. We could all expect the Cavs and the Warriors to be at the top, but some new faces rise up and are now only a few games behind these stacked teams. Can they hold the Cavs and the Warriors from going back to back to back?

In the Eastern Conference the number one team (Cavaliers) has had a series of injuries holding them back from being an even bigger power house than they are right now. However, “Mr. Fourth Quarter” (Isaiah Thomas) has been carrying the Boston Celtics all the way to the end of the season, and possibly, the title. 

Now to the Western Conference, with the “super team.” The Warriors have the new addition of the statistically best all-around players in the NBA, Kevin Durant. Yet, they do have a worse win-loss record than they did last year. A team not far behind the Warriors is the Spurs. Being one of the most stacked teams in the NBA, the Spurs are making moves thanks to the Back to Back “Defensive Player of the Year,” Kawhi Leonard. And behind him is a very well fit offense ready to be competitive.

With injuries occurring with both top teams, I have a feeling we might see a new team in the finals this year. With the teams coming in hungry in the playoffs, we might see a new super star rise. My prediction is James Harden will hit the game winning shot in Kyrie Irving’s face in the NBA finals.   



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