Anime Countdown: For Beginners

By Marcus Blanks

From Wikipedia; Sword Art

Anime is a Japanese style animation that is usually aimed towards an adult audience. This TV show genre, being made in Japan, is surprisingly very popular in America. As more and more shows are being translated from Japanese to English, anime generates new fans all the time, but there are plenty that don’t know about it or haven’t seen any anime at all. For the newcomers, here are five anime that will be an excited way to get you hooked on this world-wide phenomena.

5. Sword Art Online

The show Sword Art Online takes place during the future in 2022. It’s about how virtual reality video games have gotten so advanced, that it’s basically real life. The characters are introduced to a game called “Sword Art Online.” In “Sword Art Online” they wear Nervegear while they are playing, and it activates all of your senses while in the game, so you actually feel like you are there. They later realize after they start playing in the game, there’s no way out and if they die in the game they die in real life. The show goes on about the two main characters following their two year journey to find their way back to the real world

4. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a weird, bloody, and very gorey show. As one of the weirdest but entertaining shows, Attack on Titan is about a city of the last humans on earth because giant humanoid creatures called Titans kill and eat humans for fun. Most of the people in the little city had never seen a Titan before, until they started to attack and then the people had to try to fight and kill the Titans.

3. NarutoNaruto

Naruto is about a young orphan boy who has a set dream of becoming Hokage, the leader of his village. Seeming weak he has great power in him that he has to try and bring out and use in order to create peace in the world. The story involves romance, comedy, and action. The show is one of the most liked anime and deserves it’s spot on the list.

2. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a show about things called ghouls who eat human flesh in order to survive. The ghouls look just like humans and have to try to blend in without being noticed or they’ll be killed. Their eyes turn black and red when they go out to eat people. It follows one boy who got into an accident and accidentally had his organs switched with a ghoul so he has to try and adapt to life being half human half ghoul.

  1. Death Note

    Death Note
    From Wikipedia

Top of the list is Death Note. The show follows a teenaged high school boy named Light Yagami. One day he finds a book from a Shinigami, a god of death. The book gives whoever has it, the power to kill anybody whose name gets put in it as long as he knows what they look like. Once he gets the book he refers to himself as a god. He then goes around and tries to act like god writing people, who have committed wrongful crimes, names in the book and killing them.


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