Crack is Whack

By Niyah Murphy

As reported by the Quad City Times on March 19, 2017 → In Davenport, Iowa, a 28 year-old Davenport man named Corey Anthony Jones went to prison for 15 years and 8 months for selling crack cocaine.

The police found out that Corey was a dealer and arrested him on October 19, 2016; Corey has been in prison ever since.  When Corey gets out of jail (as a 43 year-old) he will have to serve another 4 years of supervised release.  He went to prison without  parole.  That means he won’t leave the prison for 15 years.  

Why is this important to you?

It is important that high school students don’t do crack because there are consequences for everything you do.  If a student does crack, they can’t concentrate right. It affects their entire body.  They can barely eat and sleep. They can experience different heart rate changes. You could have a heart attack, seizure, or a stroke because of these drugs.  

Also, while drug use is down, overdoses are up across the US.  More people are dying from drugs like crack and painkillers everyday.

These are just the changes to your body, but there are consequences with the law, too. If you get caught by the law with crack  you will go to jail for 3 years and 16 months at least.

Don’t be like Corey. Make sure you stay away from drugs; they can hurt your body and your future.

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