Kristal loves Charlotte Russe

By Kristal Thomas

Kristal Charlotte RusseMany high school girls wear Charlotte Russe clothing and today I’m going to tell you a little bit about why they do…

Well, in the picture above, I got my entire outfit from Charlotte Russe. You can’t really see it but my sleeves have slits on both sides – they have a cuff at the wrist to give them a puffed look – which is trending right now. My high heels are open toed, but my heel is open in the back, yet closed around the foot for extra support.  This outfit is a bit Boho Chic, and on point.

Girls tend to shop at Charlotte Russe often because the store is always having sales and their clothes are just so cute.   Plus, we barely have any good stores here in Davenport, so Charlotte Russe is a very common store for us teenage girls! There are just so many different styles of clothes and shoes to choose from and I think that’s always the fun part of shopping there.  You can get a whole outfit in one stop.  

So, if you’re looking for a place to shop and you enjoy dressing up, Charlotte Russe is the store you need to be at!


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