Spring Sports Stats

By: Nicholas Guinn

cropped-cropped-7ceaceab0481625f4bd163462f89634d.jpegThe weather is finally warm and it’s time to get out and watch some spring sports. Boys’ and girls’ soccer are both in the middle of their season, along with both of the tennis teams, track, and girls’ golf. All of our athletes are out there working hard and supporting their school, so go support our spring teams! A link will be given for all of the schedules at the end of this article so that you can make plans to see our teams play.  

Both soccer teams are off to a slow start, but not for long as both teams have the talent and drive to pick it up. On the day this is being written, the boys’ varsity soccer team is 0-7 and junior varsity is 0-2-2. These teams have been playing tough opponents and playing hard, and upcoming opponents include Assumption, Prince of Peace, and Clinton. On the other side, girls’ soccer is 2-7 with a 2-1-5 junior varsity team. Both of these teams have outstanding performers and have chances to win coming up with games against Rock Island, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, and Maquoketa. The soccer teams put a lot of work into what they do and it will show off soon enough.

The tennis teams are two more that are out practicing every day for their teams. The boys’ tennis team is 2-4 but might be able to string together a couple of wins against North Scott, West, and Muscatine. The girls’ tennis team is 1-7 so far, but, down the stretch, they have a chance to show they are a force to reckon with. Their upcoming meets include PV, North Scott, and West.

Another set of teams working hard are the track teams. The boys’ track team is 34-37 so far and have multiple events coming up to better their record even more. They hope to end the year strong with a few more meets soon. The girls’ track team is 3-22 but they have shown glimpses of greatness throughout the season. Nearing the end of the season, they could go out strong and finish hard.

Lastly, the girls’ golf team is out performing all the competition. Standing at 14-3, they have had a very successful season. There is still a lot of time to go, but they have shown that they can be one of the best teams that there is. There are many meets coming up, and if they can continue to compete at this level for the rest of this season, it will be a great thing to see.

Spring sports are a great time to go out and watch because there are amazing teams, AND the weather isn’t too cold or too warm. We should all be supporting our teams, so let’s get out there and watch some of our teams compete. Go Wildcats!


For more schedule information, check out:




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