Poetry Slam – 2017

Poetry Slam
Image created by Athena Phommivong

By Athena Phommivong

The “Poetry Slam” is an upcoming event held by English teacher, Sarah Grimesey, who encourages students like you to recite poems. The event will be held in the cafeteria during fourth block on May 19; English classes will be invited to attend.  

If you want to perform a reading, you may either write your own poem to share or choose a published poem to read (if you choose to read a published poem, then you will need to explain why you chose this poem).  If you choose to read your own poem, you could choose a poem you wrote for your classes, for your ex, or for yourself. It could be a sonnet, series of haikus, a limerick, or a spoken word.  Have you written a song?  You could perform it for us, too!

To enter this event or to find out more information, contact Mrs. Grimesey at grimeseys@davenport.schools.k12.is.us or your English teacher.  If you want to participate, then you need to submit your poem to Mrs. Grimesey by May 12th! Once she has received all the submissions, she will organize the rest of the event.

Lindsey L. Quhoz, 16 year old poet (friend of Athena)

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