Important! Drive Safely!

By Ms. FYI

Drive Safely
Mikayla Carpenter after her car crash

Last year, during spring break, four local students were driving one rainy  night. They were going about 60-75 miles downhill, substantially above the speed limit. Two of  the four people in this car had seatbelts on; of the two without seatbelts was sleeping.

The car they were in ended up hydroplaning, and smashed into two trees. My friend, who was sitting in the backseat was thrown from the backseat into the windshield, head first. ,  Out of the two other passengers and driver there were many injuries; among the injuries were: a broken arm, multiple a concussions and multiple cuts and lacerations on the face.  

An anonymous call was made to 911, and when the EMT’s arrived, the “caller” was gone, but had removed my friend from the windshield, and had placed her on the sidewalk, something you should never do (let the rescue team take care of those who are hurt!). On the way to hospital, she started to flatline. The EMTs used Defibrillator Sticks in order to restart her heart. If it hadn’t been for them, she would not be alive. They had found her, moved from the car unnecessarily, on the sidewalk. She visited the hospital for 2 months, in order to finish physical therapy, and came back to school around the end of May.

The difference between being a good driver and a bad driver could be described in many different ways, and sometimes the most important difference is someone’s life. So pay attention and make sure you are following these tips.  

Tips for safe driving:

  • Make sure everyone, including yourself, has a seatbelt on before you start driving.
  • Don’t talk on the phone or text- if there’s someone else in the car they can do it for you.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • If you’re angry, pull over until you calm down.
  • Don’t eat and drive, if you’re hungry, go inside the restaurant and eat.
  • Don’t have your music up too loud- you still need to hear ambulances.

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