Tennis Time: Interviews with the Tennis Coaches

By Anna Sturmer and Kylie Cawiezell

Lady Wildcats vs. West

As we were sitting near the courts, the sound of the ball hitting the ground was never ending.  But even after most people would get tired of this sound, both Mrs. Christian and Mr. Hall still love it. We interviewed each head coach about their perspective of the sport they devote so much time to. Mrs. Christian has been coaching for 32 years, while Mr. Hall has been coaching for 15. At the time that we wrote this article, the Lady Wildcats have celebrated 2 wins out of the 10 games they have played this season. The boys’ team has respectively won 5 out of their 9 games this season. We interviewed both Mr. Hall and Mrs. Christian to get a better understanding of why they love tennis.


Q: How long have you been coaching tennis?

Mr. Hall: 15 years (9 at North)

Mrs. Christian:  32 years at North, and 5 years at Central


Q: What keeps you motivated to keep coaching as well as teaching?

Mr. Hall:  Being able to see the growth from players and students during the season/year, as well as season to season and year to year.

Mrs. Christian:  Passion for the spart as a lifetime skill with lifetime lessons.


Q: What are some of the biggest accomplishments of the tennis team? (have you ever gone to state etc.)

Mr. Hall: In 2016, varsity won 3 dual meets and placed 5th at MAC. We are looking to improve on both of those this year.

Mrs. Christian: Qualified for state 4 times; Won State Singles Title in 1993


Q: What is your background in tennis, and why did you start?

Mr. Hall: Played 4 years in high school and 4 years in college.

Mrs. Christian: Played and trained in St. Louis tennis program between ages 4-13; then quit until 25. My dad played tournament’s and I was “Daddy’s girl!”


Q:  What is your favorite part during a tennis match?

Mr. Hall: Tie breakers. They are very intense and inquire total focus and concentration.

Mrs. Christian: When I look out to the courts and see all of the players living up to our motto of “Hustle, hit and never quit.”


Q: What has been your favorite match this season?

Mr. Hall: Clinton at home. Everyone competed very well in a close 4-5 loss. Afterward all the guys knew we had let one get away and since then have been working even harder to improve so that when we face them again, or anyone, we will be ready.

Mrs. Christian: The victory against Davenport West because my Wildcats really had their claws out to not only snag Falcon feathers, but share Senior Night pizza, pop, cake, and fun with their opponents.


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