Juliet Bond wins Poetry Contest

Juliet Bond and Ms. Heneghan

On April 2nd, Western Illinois University (Quad Cities) hosted their yearly Get Lit Poetry Contest.  This year, Ms. Heneghan took two students – senior Juliet Bond and sophomore DaVontae Hicks – to participate, and Bond won second place in the overall competition.

Both students read their poems in front of other contestants.  Hicks said, “Yeah, I was nervous, but Juliet was sick, though.”  Hicks’ poem, about the pain of Valentine’s day, did not earn top honors, however it was widely applauded as a very creative sonnet (it doubles as an acrostic poem that spells “LOVE LOST TRUSTS”).

Juliet Bond willingly shared her poem with the Wildcat Word.  We’re happy to share it with the world here.

somebody save us

we lace up our shoes

and run from the life they gave us

who gave that little boy a gun

they called him brave


in this town you make it out

or to the grave

either way we’ll know your name

statistics and ballistics

and its sickening cause

we are slaves

to the calls and commands

of the daily demands

that baby’s gotta eat

so pray with those hands

everyday with those hands

he don’t end up on the street

and the sidewalks almost worse

driving by

there goes your hearse

i swear it’s a curse

somebody put on us all

this classroom, these 4 walls

the safest i’ve ever felt

no one would dare mess up

the sacred

we learn that we can be and have more

than what we’re made for

this holy sanctum

yet we still practice

cause we could still have this

situation where he runs out ofpatience

he’s tired of waiting

his own kind of justice he feels like creating

saw the opportunity and he had to take it

you can see he’s past the point of breaking

cause god has forsaken us where are you taking

us, we feel this aching cause we’re overtaken

plus born with the burden of being better

than we’re allowed to be

stuck with the selling of sins and more


she’s 14 with a baby

he’s 12 with 2 weeks to live

he’s 16 and he’s in juvie

he was 17 and now he’s dead

somebody save us

we were born and all we know is war

we fight but we don’t know what for

and all we want is more

time, love, passion, life

we are told we can achieve this

with both of our hands tied

what we know of life is lies

and authority’s keeping score

and we don’t know who will protect us anymore

cause the idols we idolize

categorize us as monsters

we’re in a cycle provided by

our sponsors

after this message we’ll go out with not a bang

but a whimper

not a flash but a flicker

still the world will know we were here

it’ll be written on our graves

they’ll read our names in history one day

blow off the dust

but first we need a hero in this story

please somebody save us

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