Budget Cuts

By Denise Moore and Amaya Mathews

Throughout the Davenport Community Schools District, multiple budget cuts are going to be made during the new year. As a result of this, an estimation of nearly 83 staff positions are to be removed. Jay Chelf, the principal at North High school says, “Nobody likes to make budget cuts. We’re in a position where we have to make those, we lost money and we have to figure out a way to get it back. Along with the class sizes increasing, it affects other teachers because reducing people out of the building is always hard. Teachers enjoy a certain environment”

The new plan will account for $13 million dollars in cuts and the cuts to staff will amount for $5.5 million of the total amount. When asked what it’s like during this process of possible let goes, Jay Chelf responds, “This is a very emotional and hard time to decide how to make the least damage on how it would affect students, all we can truly do is be understanding, nice and professional.”

The overall reasoning for these large budget cuts is to pay back the state for $13 million dollars overspent by the district over the past few years.  As widely documented by the Quad City Times, the Davenport District has been in trouble with the state for many pressing issues over the course of the past year.  This money is meant to help the district get back on track. 

However, with these cuts, the budget will also increase the level of security at schools in the district. Changes like burglar alarms, security alarms, exterior security lights, and an increase of use in ballistic materials, also known as bulletproof materials, are going to be made. A visitor management system will also be put in the schools known as the Raptor System which checks the visitor’s ID, license plate, etc and compares it to what is found in the Sex Offenders database.

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