Career Cruising: A waste of time?

By Amaya Matthews

CareerCruisingAlmost every month, students are required to go to PAWS for ICAP (Iowa Careers and Academic Planning), so that they can visit the Career Cruising website.  On this website, they answer simple questions to see what job they would be interested in and to figure out what classes they need to prepare for this job. Career Cruising is not just for finding your possible job, but even possible colleges. Some people say that it helps with deciding on your future, but others believe that it is useless and a waste of time. To better show opinions on this topic, we interviewed Carson Foglesong, Denise Moore, and Ms. Licht on the topic of Career Cruising to try to understand the debate on this monthly program.

The negative aspects of Career Cruising is that “[Career Cruising] doesn’t give an active description about the job choices,” said Carson Foglesong.  The job placement test rarely helps students find jobs they’re interested in, and many students find the academic planning too open ended. Some students said that it did give them information about interesting jobs, but they found the information redundant or unnecessary.  Denise Moore said, “I think it opens up students to what they can be after school, but it is really unnecessary.” This is also a common thought of many students at school; although Career Cruising gives you options, it often feels as if it is a waste of time. While the counseling office supports ICAP, Ms. Licht talked about some of the negatives: “the biggest barrier with career cruising is probably just the students getting on and doing it.” Most students refuse to do the assignments, and so the program doesn’t help them.

Yet, there are some positive aspects of career cruising, as Ms. Licht stated: “It’s a really good tool to be able to have the students look at what their interests are, and to try and figure out careers that they might not have even thought about before”. As Ms. Licht said, it can be a helpful website that helps students figure out what their interests are and the possible jobs that their interests might attract. Denise says that some of the positives for Career Cruising is that “it gives them [the students] the opportunity to explore the possibilities of their future,” something not many students have time to think about.

Career Cruising has many positives and negatives to even it out. Some of the students don’t like Career Cruising at all and other students like to see, based on their answers, what they are most likely to do when they grow up. The perspectives of the students and the counselor both show valid sides, because the counselor knows more about the positives of the website, while the students only view it as a waste of time.

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