Where in the World is Van Hulle?

By Samantha Hanson

At the beginning of the this school year Mr. Van Hulle took a sabbatical and traveled around Central and South America, even visiting Peru. Mr. Van Hulle, was kind enough to share some of his stories from his travels with the Wildcat Word.

VanHulle Q: What was your favorite part of the trip?

A:  Living in the canyon region of Peru. Everyday I could just go out and run. Never running out of new trails.

Q: Where all did you go and what did you do?

A:  Bolivia, Peru, Portireqo. I visited the Amazon rainforest, the salt plains of southern Bolivia, canyons regions of Peru, mountains, beach and everything imaginable, everything was new.

Q: What is one place you definitely wanna go back to?

A: Everywhere was amazing, want to go to where I didn’t have time to go like Ecuador, which I was close to but never got to visit, it’s next on my list

Q: What inspired you to take the trip and were there any inspiring moments for you?

A: The students inspired me to take the trip, just wanted to spend longer than in the summer months gave me, and I just wanted to live that newmatic life style, didn’t have any real plans, and just moved like it.

Q: What took so long to come back to work?

A: I didn’t think it was that long, I just had to wait till the money ran out.

Q: What all did you miss while being out of town?

A: Friends, family and work. Just having a normal routine and feeling productive in the world.

Q: Did you travel with anyone else? Meet anyone new?

A: Met with an old friend from Spain, traveled together for a month, and made new friends along the way.

Q: Did you eat anything new?

A: Ate a lot of really good things, one of my favorites was a pulled pork sandwiches they had on the streets in Bolivia, just some random street meat, always delicious.

Q: Did you learn anything new?

A: Yea I learn a lot of new things about the world that I never seen before. I never worked as a bartender before but got the opportunity to. The owner of the restaurant was a jerk, but I was a waiter who also a translator.   

Q: Would you suggest this trip to other people?

A: I would definitely recommend to others, I think it’s a good experience learning how the world and being on your own.

Q: I hear you were going to go to Midcity, is that true?

A: Yes, that’s true.


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