The Wildcat Word Journalism Staff

Each student on this staff is working hard to keep up with events at the school.  However, we need your help to learn about everything that is happening.  If you witness or think of a “newsworthy” story, feel free to find us around school and share your story.

Currently in Newspaper Club: 


Nic Guinn

Oh waddup! Nic Guinn is a Junior. Nic is on the football, baseball, and bowling teams. He played in the Driveway Coss League and won Rookie of the Year in Season 3. He also has a beard, but he is only 5’7”. Nic has a strong opinion about most things and isn’t scared to share them with most people. He also has team spirit and always gets loud during a competition.


Anna and Kylie.PNG
Anna Sturmer and Kylie Cawiezell

Anna Sturmer

Anna Sturmer is a 9th grader at North.  When asked what she does for fun, she said, “My life is mostly school and horses.” In her free time, she shows horses, participates in the Culinary Arts club, and enjoys photography.

Kylie Cawiezell

Kylie Cawiezell is a 9th grader at North.  In her free time, she loves to read, write, and take pictures of the world around her.  If she had to sum up her life in one word, it would be “chaotic,” especially right now (because of driver’s ed).  


Reagan Guy

Reagan Guy is a 9th grader at North.  She has free time, but she is very involved in cheer, color guard, show choir, varsity choir, orchestra, her job, and taking care of her sister.  She describes her life as “a train wreck,” but she is proud of the fact that she still finds time to watch one episode of some tv show every night.


Athena Phommivong

Athena is a 9th grader at North.  She is very involved in yearbook, newspaper, Student Council, and her academic classes.  Furthermore, she enjoys graphic design, and loves studying different languages and cultures.


Currently in Newspaper Class: 

Marcus Blanks

marcusMy name ‘s Marcus. I’m a senior at Davenport North High School. I don’t participate in any extracurricular activities, but I like talking about them. I wish I went to Central; no disrespect to North, though. I like anime, especially Naruto. I like eating hot chips with meat and cheese on top of them because they just taste wonderful.

He would also like to add: “Don’t tell me to cut my hair because I’m not cutting it anymore, it’s going to get really long.”


OliviaOlivia Harrison

This is Olivia Harrison, she’s in 11th grade. Many people do not know her very well, or have never even heard of her because she is not exactly what you would call a social butterfly. She is in charge of all of the foreign entertainment news ( korean entertainment news) that will be posted. She is not involved in any activities and she doesn’t think she will ever be involved in anything as long as she’s in high school. She enjoys walking around early in the morning  on a sunny and warm (not too hot day) by herself whenever she gets the chance. She also loves to watch horror movies that don’t have a stupid and ending that isn’t hard to understand, or that doesn’t have a stupid plot the entire movie.

She has always wanted her parents to buy her fancy expensive color pens and adult coloring books so that she can waste the days that she is free from school doing something productive and creative. During her free time she listens to the various k-pop songs she downloaded to her phone, or either looking for more to be added. She is very interested in the kpop culture and how different it is from our music industry, she also a very recent kpop fan so most of the kpop groups she knows of are the main stream kpop groups ( such as EXO, Girls Generation, 4minute, BTS, Red Velvet, NCT, Blackpink, Got7, Twice, F(x), Super Junior, JYJ, Ikon, Apink, Monsta X, Vixx, Big Bang, 2ne1(disbanded), Block b, Seventeen, I.O.I(disbanded), Miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, Shinee, B.A.P, Beast, 2pm, Sistar, Wonder girls, B1a4, Exid, Infinite, Mamamoo, Winner, Nu’est, T-ara). And yes! There are a lot more kpop groups. A LOT MORE!


Cooper Keimig

Cooper introduces himself in the following manner: “My name is Cooper Keimig (aka: CoopDizzle). I am a character if you’ve ever seen me in front of a crowd you’d know that. I have more teacher friends then I have real friends. I like to have fun and I don’t mind being embarrassed, and if I have a chance to make someone laugh, I’ll take it. On the other side, I am a rapper, the Best In The Quad Cities. I am Shakespeare on the words and DJ Mustard on the beat. My album drops 4.29.17 so pick it up (did you miss it).  Check out my YouTube channel @OmgItzFrosty and my snapchat @brutiskeimig  #WatchOut4CoopDizzle”


DezirayDeziray Lawson

Deziray is a 9th grader.  She likes to sing, dance, and draw.  Her favorite food is collard greens. She loves spending time with her friends, and family. She loves being there for her sisters, and other family members.  When her sister needs her, and Deziray loves listening to music.  Her favorite type of music is rap, because that’s what she grew up with, and she loves being downtown, because that’s where most of her family lives, and when she grows up, she wants to be a nurse.


Sydney Pollmiller

This is Sydney Pollmiller. She is a Senior! She is involved in the girls soccer program at North! Outside of school, Sydney is usually working at Atomic coffee bar or hanging out with her friends, when she isn’t working! Follow on twitter: @Sydneypoll.


AriaunaAriauna Robinson

Ariauna is a Junior in high school. She has attended North for three years now. She doesn’t like sports because she doesn’t like to exercise. She changes her weave every two weeks because she doesn’t want her hair to get nappy. She is a very outgoing person. Add me on snapchat @ariaunalovesu.


Niyah Murphy 

Niyah Murphy is a 9th grader at North.  She really loves her friends, and she has a great laugh.


First Semester Staff Writers: 


Alonzo Morales

This is Alonzo. Also known as “Zo.” He’s a Junior. He is involved in nothing this year (aside from Newspaper). He kind of just does his own thing. He has plenty of school spirit. He’s a funny dude. He is also The Driveway Coss basketball league MVP and Champion.


Makayla Smithmakayla

Makayla is a junior. She is involved in the volleyball program at North and is a student ambassador. During the previous off season, Makayla played volleyball for Iowa Select VBC. When she is not playing volleyball, she is either working or hanging out with her four year old best friend. Follow on Twitter and add her on Snapchat: makaylasmithxx



Mehgan Wentworth

Hello everybody!! This is Mehgan. She’s a new student here at North, and would like you guys to know some things about her. Her full name is Mehgan Renee Wentworth. She is a junior this year. She is going to be turning 17 on December 2nd. She has four siblings. She moved from Kirksville, Missouri. She hopes you guys will enjoy the stories she’ll be writing for the newspaper.



Keshun Thach

Keshun is in the 11th grade. If you don’t know that grade, he’s a junior in high school. Hope that’s clear.  Keshun’s mom is black and his dad is asian. That would make Keshun “Blasian” (this is a technical term). He plays football and basketball, and he runs track. He doesn’t like track, though, and does not want to do it. He always says he won’t run, but he does it anyway.


victoriaVictoria Mendez

Victoria is a junior at Davenport North High School. She has a soft spot for Netflix and reading. She loves her flute and piano, and during her free time, you will most likely find her curled up on the couch reading her favorite book: Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann. She spends her weekends sleeping most of the time, and hanging with her best friend. Victoria loves going to her psychology class and hopes to reach her goal on becoming a Cardiothoracic surgeon. She likes to go horseback riding with her best friend and is originally from Nashville, Tennessee and goes there every summer to spend time with her dad.



Emily Sparks

Emily is a Junior at North High School. While attending school she enjoys running cross country, spending time with her friends/teammates, and her favorite class is English. Outside of school her favorite hobbies include shopping, hanging out with friends, and playing sports for fun. She works at Francesca’s and has a love for clothes and expressing yourself through them.



Cierra Hart 

Cierra is a senior at North High School. She likes pizza, shells and cheese, and cats. Cierra likes to spend a lot of quality time with her bed. She will be an early graduate and plans on going to Scott Community College in the fall of 2017 for a couple years, then she will be attending University of Iowa to study dentistry.


Bradley Danielsonbradley

My name is Madison Danielson or as my fellow newspaper staff knows me, Bradley Danielson. I am a senior this year at North High School in Davenport, Iowa. A lot of people think I am a freshman because of my height but I am just “fun sized”. I have been involved in the drama club here at North for four years. I started out my freshman year doing only one show which was the school musical Fiddler on the Roof. But, now I have done over three shows (not counting this year’s show Peter Pan and In the Heights),  and teched one show, Children of a Lesser God. I am also on junior varsity team for girls tennis, lead by our yearbook editor Mrs. Christian. Although I have played for three years and could be on varsity if I wanted to, I rather stick to junior this year. Junior is a lot more fun, but still can be stressful yet it is still a lot of fun.

The last thing I am involved in is the music department: Varsity Singers which is first block only. I have been singing since I was seven years old. I started out as a shy, little singer who did not want anyone to hear her voice. But when I came to North, I figured out that the only person who can judge me and help me to improve my voice is my music teacher.  Since then, I have been a Soprano 1.

This year I am performing at Iowa Thespian Festival which takes place at UNI. I am currently writing a musical and a novel.


Baleigh Ellis 

baleighBaleigh is a junior at North High School. She enjoys being involved in school activities. Things like sporting events, fun activities put on for students, etc. She is involved in softball, she races cars, and she likes to eat. Her favorite foods are pizza and pasta. She also enjoys long naps in her bed. She likes to try new things and explore new places. The adrenaline rush is a lot of fun. She is also planning on going to college and prospering in something that will make her a very successful and happy person.


Trinity Johnson

trinityTrinity is a freshman that goes to Davenport North High School. She is currently doing well in her classes and has good grades. She is in MCJROTC and is enjoying that as her favorite class. She is an LE1, as this is her first year as a cadet. She plans to play soccer and become goalie. She wants to go to the University of Florida and get a degree in prosthetics. Her aunt inspired her to do this, because of her company’s work with the dolphin named Winter. Yes, that is correct, her company designed the tail for the dolphin. She hopes to work with animals or veterans in prosthetics to make them able to do human like things again.


Caleb Jochmann

calebThese are things you might want to know about me. My name is Caleb Ray Jochmann. My favorite sports are football and hockey. My favorite football team is the Miami Dolphins, my favorite hockey team is the Chicago Black Hawks. I have three brothers and three sisters. I have been to a couple other states like Wisconsin, Arizona, California, New York, I have never been out of the country though.



Dakota Wright

Dakota Wright is a student athlete at Davenport North High School.  He plays football, wrestling and runs track. He likes to get involved in school activities. He plans on playing football in college.


Ms. Grimesey – Sponsor and Editor

Ms. G is a new teacher to Davenport North, but so far she loves this school and its students.  Blue and gold are definitely her colors, and she is proud to be a Wildcat.  If you have any stories that you’d like the North Wildcat Word to follow, please email her at, Tweet @DNHSWildcatWord, or stop by her classroom, Room 440.

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