The Wildcat Word Journalism Staff

Each student on this staff is working hard to keep up with events at the school.  However, we need your help to learn about everything that is happening.  If you witness or think of a “newsworthy” story, feel free to find us around school and share your story.

Currently in Newspaper Club: 

Anna and Kylie.PNG
Anna Sturmer and Kylie Cawiezell

Anna Sturmer

Anna Sturmer is a 10th grader at North.  When asked what she does for fun, she said, “My life is mostly school and horses.” In her free time, she shows horses, participates in the Culinary Arts club, and enjoys photography.

Kylie Cawiezell

Kylie Cawiezell is a 10th grader at North.  In her free time, she loves to read, write, and take pictures of the world around her.  If she had to sum up her life in one word, it would be “chaotic” because she is always busy.   


Reagan Guy

Reagan Guy is a 10th grader at North.  She has free time…sometimes, but she is very involved in cheer, color guard, show choir, varsity choir, orchestra, her job, and taking care of her sister.  She describes her life as “a train wreck,” but she is proud of the fact that she still finds time to watch one episode of some tv show every night.


Athena Phommivong

Athena is a 10th grader at North.  She is very involved in yearbook, newspaper, Student Council, and her academic classes.  Furthermore, she enjoys graphic design, and loves studying different languages and cultures.


Currently in Newspaper Class: 


CooperCooper Keimig

10th grader Cooper introduces himself in the following manner: “My name is Cooper Keimig (aka: CoopDizzle). I am a character. If you’ve ever seen me in front of a crowd you’d know that. I have more teacher friends then I have real friends. I like to have fun and I don’t mind being embarrassed, and if I have a chance to make someone laugh, I’ll take it. On the other side, I am a rapper, the Best In The Quad Cities, I think. I am Shakespeare on the words and DJ Mustard on the beat. Check out my YouTube channel @OmgItzFrosty and my snapchat @brutiskeimig  #WatchOut4CoopDizzle”


MikaylaMikayla Determan

Mikayla Determan is a senior and she takes journalism class, and her favorite of all her classes throughout high school was advanced photography. She is an explorer and you won’t ever catch her inside of a house on her phone, as she will probably be out on a trail or doing something outdoors. She loves her car because she can blast her music however loud she wants because music, more importantly “The Weeknd” (Abel Tesfaye), is her life. “If it ain’t XO then it gotta go”. She’s a partier and never in the house sleeping when she should be, like the night before this picture was taken! Oops.


PaytonPayton Henderson

Payton Henderson is a senior at Davenport North High School. He has long curly hair with the sides cut shorter. He plays basketball for North, and he played football his freshman year. He loves shoes. He has over 30 pairs (retros, nike, adidas, etc).  



SabraSabra Hesseling

Sabra Hesseling is a 11th grader at North. She doesn’t participate in any extracurricular activities, but she enjoys going to Yearbook club for the production of the Yearbook, and, also, she gets food and she enjoys eating with all her friends in club. There are not very many classes she likes, but she enjoys Newspaper, Science Classes, English Classes and also some electives.  She does not like math as much as any other class. In her spare time, she loves to read books, play with her dogs and cats.  She also loves watching crime tv shows such as Criminal Minds, CSI:Miami, Blue Bloods and many more shows like that.


Markeeja.jpgMarkeeja Jones

Markeeja Jones is a freshman. She doesn’t play any sports, and she is not part of any clubs. She claims to “barely like people.” However, she laughs at everything, and tends to be pretty happy.



AriAriana Kruse

Ariana Kruse is a junior at North. She is involved in the dance and cheer team, and also girls soccer at North. She works at Texas Roadhouse and Steak and Shake. She has two little brothers and one little sister.   She LOVES food.  She thinks school dances are pretty fun, and the football games are always fun.  Follow her on snapchat @ariana_kruse07.





Ari Lomas

Ari Lomas is a 10th grader at North. In her free time she likes to write, sing, and sleep. She doesn’t participate in extracurricular activities. She likes going to football and basketball games, though. She’s a very outgoing person, but she hates attention.



Avion McGee

Hey wassup! This is Avion McGee. He is a junior currently attending at North High School.  He is currently not in any extracurricular activities at North, but he used to play basketball.  In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends, and listen to music. He is very funny and has an good sense of humor that will make anyone laugh. One of the topics, he hopes to write about this term would have to be about the Bilderberg Group.




LaShayla Montgomery

This is LaShayla Montgomery, a senior at North.  She does not participate in any activities after school, but she likes talking about them, and hearing about them.  Some fun facts about her are that she loves basketball and staying active.  She has a twin brother who she is very close to, and she loves listening to music.  She also writes all of the time.



BrandonBrandon Myers

Howdy, this is Brandon Myers. He is a junior here at North. Brandon plays football and is a member of Ambassadors. He has also played in the Driveway Stock Leauge. Brandon is not scared to share his opinion and will always state the facts. He does not have a beard, but is 6 feet tall. Some topics he would like to write about are sporting events and news that doesn’t bore you to death.



Grimesey1Ms. Grimesey – Sponsor and Editor

Ms. G is in her second year of teaching English at Davenport North, and she loves this school and its students.  Blue and gold are definitely her colors, and she is proud to be a Wildcat.  If you have any stories that you’d like the North Wildcat Word to follow, please email her at, Tweet @DNHSWildcatWord, or stop by her classroom, Room 440.


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